Saturday, June 4, 2011

You Might Want to Take Your Closet to a Doctor...

...because it seams to be throwing up all over you a lot.

I really don't understand what the people on Shake it Up (the Disney Channel show) are thinking whenever they pick out outfits for these people.

I always get kinda excited when this show comes on because it's really fun to make fun of the outfits they wear.  Sorry if you like them- just to me it kinda looks like they dumped the entire contents of their wardrobe on the floor, turned the lights off, and then grabbed as many things as they possibly could and Ta Da! an outfit.
Abby Noel


gingersoaplovin said...

Oh my goodness! Those outfits are absolutely awful! Love your blog. (: Following.

Scarlet Brier Rose said...

Lol, it actually looks like stuff the 5 year old I babysit would throw together. It's always funny when she decides to dress herself

Anonymous said...

you guys prob dress like a typical teen all abercrombie! these girls are just to fashion forward for you guys. layering outer pieces is really in!!

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