Thursday, May 31, 2012

You can never tell what you'll find...

Isn't this beautiful? It reminds me so much of the Arena in the Hunger Games (or how I imagined it while reading the book). My mom took these pictures while we were on a hike a few weeks ago. 

This reminded me so much of the arena that I was on full survival mode during the whole hike. I even found a hollowed out tree trunk near the water that I would have slept in if I was in the Hunger Games. Man, I'm cool. 

So in other news, tonight is my last play at my school (because I'm moving). This is big for me because by worst fear about moving is that I will move somewhere where no one cares about theatre. I can't even imagine going from the wonderful drama program I've been blessed with so far to one that's a complete joke. 

But for tonight, I'll just be the best dang evil-half pig-stepsister that I possibly can. Wish me luck! (But don't really, wish me to break a leg!) 

Abby Noel 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Eat Your Words

Only one day since my last feels good to get back in the groove of blogging. Let's hope I'm never out for as long as I was ever again.

You know those ceramic shops where people can paint their own bowls and cups and stuff? I painted this a long time ago in a shop like that and I kept forgetting to take pictures of it to post. However a few weeks ago I gave this little sucker a photo shoot and now I finally have pictures to show you.

I should get back to studying now, I have a bunch of important tests coming up and I can't really afford to do poorly on any of them. Wish me luck! 

Abby Noel 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The days grow longer as my time grows shorter...

This is a weird time for me because it seems like everything is either changing or ending. I'm going to be moving soon so that means a new house, a new school, new people. I guess that really shouldn't feel weird, I've been uprooted before, and clearly I survived. But it will be hard to adjust to it. It always is. 

Apparently my subconscious has a thing for change, because I've been considering another one: cutting my hair short. Not super short, but right at my shoulders, which would be a big contrast from my current long hair. It's been long for a while and I'm just wanting to do something different with it. I might not, though. This has actually been on my mind for a couple months and I still haven't made a decision. 

Another change that actually will affect all of you readers (who have all so faithfully stayed with me during my recent internet absences) is that I'm getting a new layout! And it's being professional designed! I don't know about you all, but I'm super excited. In my opinion, everyone should have a custom layout if they blog, and I've been customizing my own for a while, but I have almost no knowledge of coding and HTML and whatnot. So this is absolutely wonderful that someone who knows what they're doing will be helping me out. The designer told me the waiting list is about 5-6 weeks, and that was 3 weeks ago, so it's getting close. (EEP I'M SO EXCITED) 

I guess that moral of the story is that change is exciting. It's a new adventure. And everyday I seem to be getting closer to my new adventure.

Abby Noel

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Yesterday's news is another man's treasure...

My day yesterday was occupied mainly by rummaging through second-hand junk in the search for bar stools. We're moving soon, and the house we'll be living in has a bar in the kitchen, so we've been on the lookout for something to put there. Our search for cheep barstools led us to a bunch of yard sales that were conveniently happening all over town. However, we didn't end up with any barstools, but I did find some old National Geographic magazines published back in 1966.

I only ended up buying this one because all the pictures in it were so magical.
As some of you probably already know, I have this fascination with old books, and old magazines fall into that as well. It's just so interesting to me to see what was important a generation ago, and it makes me wonder what people are going to think when they read our magazines 50 years from now. 

Abby Noel 

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