Thursday, May 31, 2012

You can never tell what you'll find...

Isn't this beautiful? It reminds me so much of the Arena in the Hunger Games (or how I imagined it while reading the book). My mom took these pictures while we were on a hike a few weeks ago. 

This reminded me so much of the arena that I was on full survival mode during the whole hike. I even found a hollowed out tree trunk near the water that I would have slept in if I was in the Hunger Games. Man, I'm cool. 

So in other news, tonight is my last play at my school (because I'm moving). This is big for me because by worst fear about moving is that I will move somewhere where no one cares about theatre. I can't even imagine going from the wonderful drama program I've been blessed with so far to one that's a complete joke. 

But for tonight, I'll just be the best dang evil-half pig-stepsister that I possibly can. Wish me luck! (But don't really, wish me to break a leg!) 

Abby Noel 


Anonymous said...

That totally looks like the arena! out for tracker jackers n' stuff...

Have fun at your play. Break a...wrist? No. Don't break anything. it's painful. Here's hoping you get to do more theater in your new home!

Adam said...

reminds me of the parks near my house

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