Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer days drifting away...

Dress- Aeropostale
Today is the last day of summer for me and as much as I love sleeping in and doing nothing more productive than washing my hair, I'm glad school is starting. 

Of course, it'll be hard to start over without all the people I got so used to. But I have a feeling that big, wonderful things are coming my way.

Abby Noel

Friday, August 24, 2012

Fantasy Friday, Part 4- Doubt

In case you need to catch up- Part 1Part 2, Part 3

"He'll never fall for that. Besides, that could get you in trouble. Why would you risk that?" 
"It's fine, they don't punish women as harshly here. Just trust me. He's going to come by soon so go pretend you're asleep!" Anthony did as she told him. After he sat down in the corner of his cell, just before closing his eyes, he watched the girl take a pin out of her hair. Why does this girl want to help me, he wondered, when she doesn't even know me? 
The two of them heard the footsteps at the same moment. Anthony closed his eyes, laid his head on the wall, and mimicked the slow breathing of someone in a deep sleep. Mary began aggravating the lock with her hair pin. "It's okay, my love," she muttered just loud enough to be heard. "You'll be free in no time, sweetheart, I promise."
 Leo turned the corner and gasped. "Hey lady! What do you think you're doing?" He grabbed Mary's arm and pulled her violently away from the door. She broke into hysterics and let her whole body go limp.
Anthony had to resist looking up. How is she so good at this? He had been sure the plan wouldn't work, but hearing her little performance, he was convinced. He said a silent prayer that Leo would be too. 

To be continued...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Recently I've been...

...Obsessing over this:

This is just a small collection of clothes that I absolutely love from Modcloth. Every time I go on my wish list I need a job.

...Freaking out about this: 

Behind the wheel. I've managed to get through two days of it, but I think it's time to face the facts that I'm just a terrible driver. Some how I manage to get into the wrong lane almost every time I turn. Oh and I blew through a stop sign. And almost took out a mail box. This needs to stop. 

...Listening to this:

...And getting excited about this:

School is starting next week! Everyone I talk to tells me how great my school is and how wonderful their drama department is, and I'll get to find out for myself very soon! They've been working on a play this summer that will open in early September which is great for three reasons. 1) I get to see an example of the amazingness that everyone has been talking about, 2) that means they do more shows than my old school since they've been doing this in the summer time, and 3) I could use something to look forward too other than being the awkward new kid. 

Abby Noel 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Fantasy Friday, Part 3- Determination

In case you need to catch up- Part 1, Part 2

"You need to leave," Anthony said in a whisper, causing the smile to drop from the girl's face.
"I can't leave, you need me," Mary tried to sound confident, but she quickly felt out of place. Maybe she should leave. Why would this man need her help anyway? He looked like he could take care of himself. "I'm sorry, I just.." she muttered as she slowly turned from his cell.
"Wait," Anthony urgently whispered. Seeing the seriousness in her dark eyes, he could tell she was here for a reason. Her offer of help just when he needed help the most was a good omen, and he refused to ignore the few good omens that came into his life. "Why do I need your help? You do realize what I'm against, don't you?"
Mary hesitantly turned back to his cell. It was then that she noticed the man two cells down. He was nothing but a crumpled heap on the floor. Blood and dirt matted his hair and his chest gave only a slight rise and fall. One more day of whatever this man had been through would cause the end of his already scarce breath. 
Mary looked at the man in front of her. This man- this breathing man- could easily be just like the man two cells down in a matter of hours. All for something he didn't even do. 
"Okay, listen. I know how we can get you out of here, but you're going to have to trust me." 

To be continued...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Floating away...

We were not expecting these to show up in the skies of my grandparents' small town. Just as we pulled into the driveway, they were floating away! So I sprinted into the house (not about to let a perfect blogging moment float away) and grabbed my mom's camera. After a short car ride we caught up to them and my mom took the picture below from the sunroof in our car.

Abby Noel 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Big things coming up!

I have so much stored up in the blogging part of my brain that I'm pretty sure it's starting to make room by taking over other parts of my brain (where the useless stuff is stored, like geometry).

 As much as I would love to flood my blog with these ideas, I'm going to exercise some self control to keep the inspiration train rolling as long as possible. So I'll probably limit this stuff to a post every other day (which I must say is actually pretty good compared to how scarce my postings have been this year).

The one big thing that I'm super excited about is the fact that the movie project is DONE! I'm not going to be able to go to the showing *tear* but I'll get my DVD copy in a few days so I'll be able to see the finished product! Also, it will be posted on Youtube very soon. Right when it's online, I plan to post it on here, so get excited!

Okay well until then you can plan your movie party with you and 34,704,392 of your closest friends. Because they will all want to see this.

Abby Noel

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fantasy Friday, Part 2- Anger

When the new inmate first opened his eyes, he didn't remember where he was. However, the voice he heard just seconds later reminded him. "Anthony Drea? I never thought I'd see you in here," the warden said in a mocking tone. "Welcome to the low security ward. Don't get any ideas, the bars are just as strong as ever. We just need to keep all the guards on the criminals more likely to run, and we both know you wouldn't run. You're already in enough trouble."  
Anthony glared at him. "I don't belong in here and you know that as well as I do, Leo." Being called by his first name by a prisoner was not something he was used to, and he didn't like it one bit. 
"Listen, rat. I don't know anything," Leo held one of the cell bars in a death grip and looked Anthony directly in the eye. "You're in here because of what you did, and you deserve every painful memory you'll take from this place." Without another word, Leo walked away from the cell. Likely to harass someone who's actually intimidated by him, Anthony thought. That idiot is always expecting people to answer to him.
 Just then, Anthony heard footsteps coming towards the cell. He was ready to tell Leo to get away from him before he had to MAKE him get away, but it wasn't Leo at all.  The girl with the yellow scarf he had spoken to the day before his arrest was standing in front of him, smiling as if she had just found buried treasure.

 To be continued....

Monday, August 6, 2012

Eye spy the sea...

Did you know those little blue dots are the clam's eyes? According to the expertise of a six year old, they are. I believed her based on the fact that she was smart enough to find the little guy in the first place.

Also because she was wearing lady bug floaties- the ultimate sign of intelligence.

Abby Noel

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I saw my cousin today for the first time in a while, but nothing has really changed. As usual, we ended up talking about hair and attempting hair styles on each other. Normally waterfall braids are only done once, but I got a little carried away and made three.

This is kind of random, but does anyone know what season highschool soccer typically is? I'm thinking of finally doing a sport (for the first time ever).

Abby Noel

Friday, August 3, 2012

Fantasy Friday, Part 1- Fear

(Since I only made it to the second installment last time, I'm just starting from the beginning again. Enjoy!)

Mary leaned against the rough brick wall and tried to ignore what she was hearing. The police were always violent with their arrests, but this time it was much worse. She quickly looked around the corner and immediately regretted it. Of course, the man was resisting arrest. He's innocent, Mary thought. But the police didn't know that. After all, she was the only one who knew he was an innocent man.
She couldn't resist looking again. There were now more police gathered around him. Without a doubt, the man was losing his fight. His hands were tied behind him and the blood from a wound on his face was gleaming in the bright sun. Mary watched as they pulled away- most likely to the prison. She had heard the stories people told about the prison- stories of cold stone, starvation, and screams. Mary knew she couldn't let that happen. The horror of that place would banish the smile from his face forever.
As the last police horse was riding off into the crowd, Mary wrapped her scarf back around her head and ran after them.

To be continued...
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