Friday, August 3, 2012

Fantasy Friday, Part 1- Fear

(Since I only made it to the second installment last time, I'm just starting from the beginning again. Enjoy!)

Mary leaned against the rough brick wall and tried to ignore what she was hearing. The police were always violent with their arrests, but this time it was much worse. She quickly looked around the corner and immediately regretted it. Of course, the man was resisting arrest. He's innocent, Mary thought. But the police didn't know that. After all, she was the only one who knew he was an innocent man.
She couldn't resist looking again. There were now more police gathered around him. Without a doubt, the man was losing his fight. His hands were tied behind him and the blood from a wound on his face was gleaming in the bright sun. Mary watched as they pulled away- most likely to the prison. She had heard the stories people told about the prison- stories of cold stone, starvation, and screams. Mary knew she couldn't let that happen. The horror of that place would banish the smile from his face forever.
As the last police horse was riding off into the crowd, Mary wrapped her scarf back around her head and ran after them.

To be continued...

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Chunny said...

Love the story. =)

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