Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Recently I've been...

...Obsessing over this:

This is just a small collection of clothes that I absolutely love from Modcloth. Every time I go on my wish list I need a job.

...Freaking out about this: 

Behind the wheel. I've managed to get through two days of it, but I think it's time to face the facts that I'm just a terrible driver. Some how I manage to get into the wrong lane almost every time I turn. Oh and I blew through a stop sign. And almost took out a mail box. This needs to stop. 

...Listening to this:

...And getting excited about this:

School is starting next week! Everyone I talk to tells me how great my school is and how wonderful their drama department is, and I'll get to find out for myself very soon! They've been working on a play this summer that will open in early September which is great for three reasons. 1) I get to see an example of the amazingness that everyone has been talking about, 2) that means they do more shows than my old school since they've been doing this in the summer time, and 3) I could use something to look forward too other than being the awkward new kid. 

Abby Noel 


Adam said...

the top right one is very pretty

Anonymous said...

The whole bit about Modcloth sounds straight out of my life. And I sympathize about the driving - my mother let each of us kids steer her car while she worked the pedals. I nearly crashed us into the mailbox, while my three year old sister steered safely down the street. That's right, my baby sister is a better driver than me.

Yanira Michelle said...

Hi Abby! I adore you collection wishlist. Fun(.) is so well, fun to listen to! They're like a modern Queen :)!


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