Sunday, August 12, 2012

Big things coming up!

I have so much stored up in the blogging part of my brain that I'm pretty sure it's starting to make room by taking over other parts of my brain (where the useless stuff is stored, like geometry).

 As much as I would love to flood my blog with these ideas, I'm going to exercise some self control to keep the inspiration train rolling as long as possible. So I'll probably limit this stuff to a post every other day (which I must say is actually pretty good compared to how scarce my postings have been this year).

The one big thing that I'm super excited about is the fact that the movie project is DONE! I'm not going to be able to go to the showing *tear* but I'll get my DVD copy in a few days so I'll be able to see the finished product! Also, it will be posted on Youtube very soon. Right when it's online, I plan to post it on here, so get excited!

Okay well until then you can plan your movie party with you and 34,704,392 of your closest friends. Because they will all want to see this.

Abby Noel

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