Friday, August 10, 2012

Fantasy Friday, Part 2- Anger

When the new inmate first opened his eyes, he didn't remember where he was. However, the voice he heard just seconds later reminded him. "Anthony Drea? I never thought I'd see you in here," the warden said in a mocking tone. "Welcome to the low security ward. Don't get any ideas, the bars are just as strong as ever. We just need to keep all the guards on the criminals more likely to run, and we both know you wouldn't run. You're already in enough trouble."  
Anthony glared at him. "I don't belong in here and you know that as well as I do, Leo." Being called by his first name by a prisoner was not something he was used to, and he didn't like it one bit. 
"Listen, rat. I don't know anything," Leo held one of the cell bars in a death grip and looked Anthony directly in the eye. "You're in here because of what you did, and you deserve every painful memory you'll take from this place." Without another word, Leo walked away from the cell. Likely to harass someone who's actually intimidated by him, Anthony thought. That idiot is always expecting people to answer to him.
 Just then, Anthony heard footsteps coming towards the cell. He was ready to tell Leo to get away from him before he had to MAKE him get away, but it wasn't Leo at all.  The girl with the yellow scarf he had spoken to the day before his arrest was standing in front of him, smiling as if she had just found buried treasure.

 To be continued....

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