Friday, August 24, 2012

Fantasy Friday, Part 4- Doubt

In case you need to catch up- Part 1Part 2, Part 3

"He'll never fall for that. Besides, that could get you in trouble. Why would you risk that?" 
"It's fine, they don't punish women as harshly here. Just trust me. He's going to come by soon so go pretend you're asleep!" Anthony did as she told him. After he sat down in the corner of his cell, just before closing his eyes, he watched the girl take a pin out of her hair. Why does this girl want to help me, he wondered, when she doesn't even know me? 
The two of them heard the footsteps at the same moment. Anthony closed his eyes, laid his head on the wall, and mimicked the slow breathing of someone in a deep sleep. Mary began aggravating the lock with her hair pin. "It's okay, my love," she muttered just loud enough to be heard. "You'll be free in no time, sweetheart, I promise."
 Leo turned the corner and gasped. "Hey lady! What do you think you're doing?" He grabbed Mary's arm and pulled her violently away from the door. She broke into hysterics and let her whole body go limp.
Anthony had to resist looking up. How is she so good at this? He had been sure the plan wouldn't work, but hearing her little performance, he was convinced. He said a silent prayer that Leo would be too. 

To be continued...

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