Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Well that wasn't exactly my plan...

What has it been now, three months? I almost didn't remember my password to log in.
I don't suggest that any of you leave your blogs alone for so long because strangers will try to sell them candy (or...uh...snowboards) I was greeted with 128 comments awaiting approval, 124 of which were spam. There was some stuff in there about car insurance, viruses, and yes, snowboards.

So in case anyone actually cares, there are two new ways you can Internet stalk me! (How exciting!)
Instagram- @TomorrowThereWillBeSun
Twitter- @AlwaysAbbyNoel

Short usernames are too easy.

Just a piece of advice, never listen to the comedy station on Pandora while you're in a quiet environment. You will most likely be "that freak" who is laughing hysterically at their computer screen. I had to learn the hard way.

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