Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Viruses, Money Scams, and Weird Friends

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, some looser living in his mom's basement decided to create a virus that infected my mom's computer.

I just remembered that a few days ago I mentioned that I was going to see the new Pirates movie. I would love to write a review for that, you know, if I had actually seen it. The movie was only showing in 3D, which was $40.50 just for the three of us to see it. So we decided to instead buy way too much candy and then go back to Emily's house and watch Netflix movies.

Ha, that reminds me- while we were waiting for Emily's parents to pick us up, this kid (he didn't look very old, maybe 16) drove by and kinda slowed down in front of where we were standing Afterwards Emily said he was staring at me, but to me it just looked like he was staring at all of us. To break up the weirdness of us all just kinda looking at each other, I was just like "Hello there.". Then Emily said "keep driving" in a really mean voice and the kid just made this face like "what the heck?" and drove away.

Oh Emily.

Abby Noel


Lil Mama said...

oh pooh! You don't want to scare away the guys! Haha. I remember a long time ago when I guy almost hit a car because he was staring at me. :) Silly boys!

Scott said...

I got hit by a car once. Except they didn't exactly hit me. It was close enough, okay? But yeah, she was on the phone...but for some reason I was the one who apologized. The end.

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