Saturday, June 18, 2011

Book Reveiw- The Nature of Jade

Car trips are always better with a good book, and this book got me through a recent car trip without getting bored enough to want to jump out the window (which is what normally happens on car trips)

This book, The Nature of Jade, by Deb Caletti, is about Jade Deluna- a teenage girl living with an anxiety disorder.  One thing that seams to help calm her anxiety is watching a live web cam in the elephant exhibit in a zoo just a few blocks from her house. She keeps this web cam up on her computer and it is here that she firsts sees Sebastian, a boy she instantly feels a connection with.

I know it sounds really teenage-cliche-romance-novel-ish , but it is really interesting and unique. Throughout the whole story, there are a load of deep interesting characters. The whole story is told from Jade's perspective, and it seems really real the way you see how she thinks about everything.

I would DEFINITELY suggest this book to anyone.

Abby Noel


Inggrid/Cia2 said...

This sounds really interesting, is this a new book?

Hanis. said...

Ooooh. I want to read that. *writes down title*

But, don't you get headaches while reading in the car?

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