Friday, June 24, 2011

Burn Marshmallow! Burn!

I had a bonfire with my family last night, and of course, you can't have a bonfire without roasting marshmallows.  I like mine burnt to a crisp. The only way to get them to burnt perfection is to put them directly in the fire, which causes them to turn into gooey, fiery balls of deliciousness.

I enjoy setting them on fire so much, I even created a word for myself.
Pyromallowaniac= A person with an unhealthy obsession of setting marshmallows on fire.

Abby Noel

P.S. I feel like this post is kinda a let down compared to my last one- everyone seemed to love it so much! Thanks guys! I'll try to keep it up :)

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Lil Mama said...

I had s'mores the other day! I roast my marshmellows on the stove though.

BTW, I love the list! :) You could also bring a "for sale" sign to the rich houses that you ask to tour and stick it in their yard before going up to the house. :)

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