Saturday, June 4, 2011


I was at my friend Eve's house today and we kinda went crazy with all of her InStyle magazines and all of my Teen Vogue.

She's really into fashion and designing and such, and since she saw the Flower Girl thing I did a few days ago, she wanted to make another similar one so we were fooling around and taking pictures in her back yard.

(Don't judge. I was tired and the grass looked soft. She's the one who decided to take a picture in which I look dead.)

(This one was actually a mistake but it ended up looking cool)

(Oh yeah. I am a warrior.)

(She had this on her bulletin board with all of her sketches)

Shirt- Hollister
Jeans- Levi's that I ripped up myself
Shoes- My beautiful old Converse
And pictures by Eve (all of them except for the first and last)

Gee, this fashion blog thing is fun. :)

Abby Noel

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