Friday, June 10, 2011

Well today's been good...

At my school's eight grade luau, I won a $10 iTunes gift card. :)  That is always a WONDERFUL thing.  So I'm trying to make this card go as far as possible by being cheap and only buying 69 cent songs.

For those of you as excited about the prank as I am, don't worry. It's happening tomorrow and I'm going to video tape it.

Another reason today was good was that at the student vs. teacher basketball game my school had today, I ended up sitting next to a very amazing person. (If you know what I mean :)  )

I realized that I never posted any pictures from my trip to Florida, so here are some-

Oh yeah. Holding a snake. 

So freaking cute.

Looks like chicken, right? Wrong. Alligator.

Even the tickets were cute.

These masks were so beautiful!  Too expensive, though :( 

Oh my goodness- the song Cable Car by The Fray is only 69 cents on iTunes. Today just gets better and better :)

Abby Noel

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