Sunday, June 19, 2011

Flowers and Answers

Here are the answers to a few questions that were asked in comments recently-

"But, don't you get headaches while reading in the car?"
Yes. Yes I do. But it helps if every few pages or so I look up and watch the road for a little while. (and I think it's really saying something about how good this book is if I'm willing to deal with car sickness to keep reading it)

"This sounds really interesting, is this a new book?"
From all I could find on Google (of course I'm too lazy to walk ten steps to my room where the book is actually sitting) looks like it was published in 2008.

"So I've been curious about the pranks... what were they and how did they fail?"
Ugh...are you really going to force me to dredge up old memories of failure? *sniff sniff* Okay, the first one was going to be one of my parents hiding in the storage part of my basement (dressed up in a mask and creepy clothes) and I was going to get my friend Lizzie to walk by the door, and they would pop out.  That one you can't even really consider a failure because we didn't even try it. (My parents weren't willing to participate) Attempt numero dos- I hatched this brilliant (yet, looking back, stupid) plan; I was going to rig the cabinet in my kitchen with a stuffed animal raccoon so when anyone opened it, the raccoon would swing out and hit them. That didn't work because it all depended on how fast someone opened the cabinet. If they opened it fast, it would hit them, but if they didn't, not a whole lot would have happened. The final attempt- This one was done out of pure desperation to at least do SOME prank, however horrible) I taped down the button on the thing by the sink that sprays water everywhere and I pointed it at where someone would be standing to turn on the sink. But OF COURSE, the only tape I had to use wasn't strong enough to hold it down very much, so when my mom turned on the sink, only a trickle of water came out.
Hope you're happy, that just took me twenty minutes to type out.

And to those of you that don't care at all what the answers to those questions are, here's a little entertainment for you- flowers!

Yes, I am very aware this is not a flower. Don't worry.

Abby Noel


gingersoaplovin said...

Oh my goodness, I've done that water button prank on so many people! It really is hilarious, and although used often, totally WORTH it. (: Basic roll of scotch tape should do the trick! Oh please try it again, and if you do, post the results pretty please! Just remember you did it, or you'll get yourself too. D: I did that once.

Nina said...

Heyy Angola it's Madagascar! Oooh and use a rubberband.

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