Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Drowning Story

During a recent conversation with a fellow blogger (who just happens to be the reason I started this doodle blog thing, click here to see her blog! ) we figured out that all bloggers have a drowning story. So I felt the need to tell mine.

So it all started in second grade, when I went to day camp. Imagine me, all peppy and happy and eight years old.

(I totally looked like that)

Every few days we would walk to the community pool, which was really fun, you know, until I ALMOST DIED.

There was this teenage volunteer helping out at the camp. He was super nice, you know, until he ALMOST KILLED ME.

So one of the times we were at the pool, he was in the deep end and I was swimming around in the almost-deep-but-not-quite part of the pool, and he comes over to me and pushes my head under the water.

I must have been down there for at least three hours.

Thankfully, I survived. (In case you were worried)

Abby Noel


Lil Mama said...

I'm loving the doodle blog! Lol- seriously... I really did laugh out loud.

Sorry about the pranks. My only suggestion is that you use a hair tie for the sink sprayer. Perhaps you could butter up the floor to make it really slippery, but that could hurt someone. You could butter up a door knob. Or use baby oil.

I really had to dig deep for a drowning story. My "uncle" grabbed my hair and pulled me under the water when I definitely didn't expect it, so I inhaled water. I survived too, told my dad and he dunk my "uncle" and held him under until I was satisfied. Haha, it takes me a while to be satisfied.

Glad you survived. The pictures probably wouldn't have been as cute otherwise.

PlayingCool said...

I have a drowning story too :l How odd that a lot of people have them.

I got attacked by a mini tidal wave (it felt like it at the time, I was only three) and my sister had to go all Baywatch and David Hasslehoff-y to save me.

TCODE said...

I don't know how to swim and I don't have any drowning experience. But I can see that it's very horrible when it comes to drowning! I mean, you wanted to go back up and breathe the air but you can't. It must be painful!
And three hours!? Oh my God! That's so long! If I was to drown and never noticed for three hours, I swear I won't go into deep waters anymore!

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