Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wait, what?

I was at my friend Emily's house the other day, and she has these children's books that are completely in japanese. Have you ever tried to understand a story based on nothing but the pictures? It's not fun. To show you what I mean, try to figure out what's going on in this story based only on the pictures. Good Luck :D

The Tale of a Story 

Teshe hpeapn to be icdiebrlny lagre wdros. Ihsnhf aiends sa dsiirs djrofn, sab dfifsaand. Dgjjjfsig, ahsidn, ahs dhjfiogm wha djhfog sjdomgssa. 

"Iosjnd sga dgoda? Djdog!"

Sajdikf hederstef. Saderstan iostolio ionseladon dooka loi shodak. 

Lobyo higerstef inda shid hikki sjdo inderger gorta. 

Simfim tigla io gortes amsder syutilio durkid sola dim. "Orgres dimder!" 

Gorderschnuff, incil shdof. 

The End. 

I don't know about you, but I think that's the best dang story I've ever read.  

Abby Noel


ME said...

Okay so the guy in the drawing is named tom. Tom caught a caterpillar and he was very excited. He decided to give feed it cake and the caterpillar was very happy. But then Tom found this pink star which belonged to his girlfriend. He forgot about the caterpillar and gave the cake to his girlfriend instead. The caterpillar got sad. :D

Abbynoel24 said...

Nice :)

I was thinking, this would be a cool contest, to have everyone try to figure out a story to go along with the pictures and I pick the most creative. What do you think?

Madeline Bird said...

This made me laugh. Your blog is right up my street! :) Check me out :

degilio said...

kk lol there was a catapiler and he loved to be held and picked up so the guy BOB picked him up...god got mad cause he liked to be the only one picking up te catapilar and struck bobs pie with lightinging but the catapilar was in love wiht the pie after ward bob decided to go and buy a hot pink star for his catapilar but the catapialer was still angrey about the pie

Furree Katt said...

once, there was a guy who was shocked when he found a caterpillar the size of his arm lurking around in his garden. he decided to keep it as a pet and feed it pie. but one day there was a magical storm with lightning that was attracted to pies. the caterpillar thought about this phenomena and fell in love with it. what he didn't realize was that his owner exchanged the lightning-attracting pie for a pink star. this depressed the caterpillar. THE END!

thank for following my blog ♥ i totally love your blog, it's awesome :D

Katie H. said...

Google translate didn't recognize it. That's when I realized you made up the words. Well played Abby, well played.

degilio said...

haha katie

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