Monday, August 1, 2011

Want to win something?

For the story I posted yesterday, you all came up with some really hilarious stories, so I'm making it officially a contest :) Tomorrow I'll have a new story (in gibberish, of course) and you all need to come up with the most creative story based on the pictures. I'll give you all a few days to get your stories posted (on comments or email me) and then I'll pick a few that I thought were the funniest and most creative! If you have a blog, you're prize will be free advertising and if you don't have a blog, your prize will be me just telling people how cool you are :)

So be back tomorrow to "read" the story and come up with your version of what it means!

Abby Noel

Update- I actually got too excited about this contest and posted it today :) 

1 comment:

Jamie said...

How many winners, and what exactly is the time cutoff?

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