Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not quite sure how to respond to this...

This week I'm a volunteer group leader at camp in my church, and I lucked out and got a group of kids that are pretty well behaved. But aside from being well behaved, all of my kids are a One girl in my group is such a tomboy that she wants to be called "John" instead of her real name (which doesn't make any sense, because her real name is one of those names that could be a boy or girl) Then there are these two little girls who hardly talk to anyone but each other, and every time we go anywhere, one of them gives the other a piggy back ride. All day today these girls kept giving me rhinestones that they took from art and then they would giggle. 

That's not even the scariest one, in my group there's a soon-to-be-fourth-grader who keeps hitting on me. Yeah. He's super super nice to me, and he follows me around. Also, when we were all sitting down in the drama room talking about the bible story they are going to act out, I left to get...uh...water.  ( I really went to get a soda out of the vending machine that the kids aren't supposed to know about, so don't tell them) Anyway, when I came back,  there were no chairs left (they're those cool floor rocking chairs, so there is never enough for everyone to be in one) and I said, not even talking directly to him, "That's not cool guys. I told you Miss Abby wanted a chair." I didn't really care because I was sitting on the floor yesterday, but then this boy jumps up, and he's like "Here, Abby. Sit here, I'll let you have my chair" 

He gets more and more obsessively flirty every day. I'm afraid tomorrow's going to be like this- 

Abby Noel


Miss Cortni said...

You are like seriously so funny! I love how your blog is about yoru daily life and found that your blogging style is exactly like mine! Hahaha! I helped teach at a bible day camp for an entire week and instead of finding that the children were hitting on me, it was the teacher I was assisting that was hitting on me. It was really funny though cause he was only 18 so he was qualified to teach. But still,,,
Anyways, LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!
Keep writing!!

- <3

degilio said...

haha abby i got the one kid who is completley attached to me then the one who fights everythign i say but thats about it

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