Monday, August 1, 2011

Story Contest

Read the two posts before this, and you'll know what to do :) 

The Story of How a Blogger Made a Story That Made No Sense

Yerbon gort jergla yurp shire. 

Sim jigleer shods berp drud coco gibla. Jisdoj asherta poomo ki gio, gerster libloo.

Momnoo flif crewcoo, libla forma, reddew bums. 

Simber drefda da doo. Guvder lim soid aroid limto, gir ligdad. 

Torka fir diorr werqu killiop pooas likikik. Liberstif gortim fo dew poolik deq versaz xers yupil. "Hilers foor sews polick!"

The End

Email or comment with you're version of the story! I'll pick the winners on Wednesday night. 

Abby Noel 


ME said...

There was this evil, heartless king long long time ago. He loved to shatter people's dreams. Once a young, poor boy came to his court for help. The poor thing wanted money from the treasury for higher education. It was his dream. The king was really interested of the boy's dream. So as a joke he sent his men to the boy's place who burnt all his books. When the boy got to his home and saw the mass destruction he turned in to a lunatic.

There was an unfortunate lady bird too who lived in the castle. He had fallen in love with the purple butterfly who used to live outside the castle on a tree. Once, the king heard the ladybird sing to his love and how he dreamt he could be with the purple princess. The crazy king immediately sent a bunch of men who searched for the lady bird and the butterfly. The king set fire to the ladybird and laughed mercilessly. Later he pasted the purple princess to a book and set fire to it in front of the whole country so that the residents of the country would see it as a lesson and avoid dreaming.

Katharine Elisabeth said...

In the land of Ysdalle, a country whose landscape strangely resembles that of Arizona, a mad sorcerer cast a spell which burnt thoughts - that is, if someone thought about anything, both the thinker and any book on the subject they were thinking about would be burnt. There was much tragedy in the land of Ysdalle, which was a land of great imagination. Even the insects were not spared the sorcerer's curse - even the humble ladybug was roasted to a crisp for even momentarily imagining a butterfly. And so the once proud and prosperous land of Ysdalle fell into ruin, the ashes of a fire of learning. The End.

Exactly how many winners will be chosen?

Rachael said...

My sister is not the smartest person in the world, but she considers herself a great inventor. One day she decided to write a book for her best friend Roger. Of course she had to add her spontaneous combustion invention to the book. She was so happy so she brought her book to roger at his mental institution.

Roger loved his book, and he set fire to his picture of his lady bug. He thought that was so much fun he set fire to an actual lady bug! To say he was sorry, he wrote a book about butterflies for the poor ladybug's family. But he set that on fire.

And that is why Roger isn't allowed to read, or have matches, or go to ladybug gardens, or really do anything at all.
The End

CRD said...

A dummy once picked up a book on prevention of fires. A few pages down, he suddenly decided to try a little experiment. It ended with the book in flames.

The dummy tried the only trick he could think of to douse the fire. In the process, he ended up with a badly-burnt tongue.

Meanwhile, a bug with six holes punched through its back was thinking about revenge.

Revenge on the evil butterfly who fluttered by and pulled out six holes from the bug's back.

"Thou shalt burn, ye evil butterfly...thou shalt burn", shouted the bug. It was burning with rage as it thought about the butterfly.

The dummy had by now moved on to experiment number 2.

"Duh, that was pretty quick", he said as he watched the butterfly and his six stolen dots turn to ash.


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CRD said...
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Gigz =) said...

The boy who played with fire:

There was once a boy named Fred who liked to play with fire, which made his parents very worried. They bought a book called 'Preventing Fires for Dummies' so that they could read it and stop Fred from setting fire to so many things, but before they got the chance to read it, Fred set it alight.

Fred's parents tried to put him in timeout, but he went crazy and ran into the garden. There, he found a ladybird which was fast asleep dreaming ladybird dreams. He set fire to the ladybird using a magnifying glass and directing the sunlgight.

Fred's parents saw this and became very concerned over their son. They realised they had to teach him a lesson. The next day, they set fire to Fred's favorite storybook.

When Fred saw his favorite book burning, he realised that setting fire to things was not a good thing to do. He learnt his lesson and never played with fire ever again! THE END.

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