Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Burn me up, sunny.

Proper Taste by Sleeper Agent 

This Friday I went on a church water skiing/tubing/sitting in the murky water waiting for an anaconda to eat us trip. And I'm not smart enough to apply sunscreen all day, so I got burned. (Oh and if anyone recognizes the slight play on words and old TV reference that is my title, I applaud you. Seriously, I am applauding right now. And now my mom is asking me what I'm doing. "Uh... nothing mommy!" )  Thankfully my sunburn now is nothing compared to how much I got burned when I went to Florida. I looked like this for like a month after that-

(Yes, that is steam) 

And if you pay close attention to the drawing (like I obviously didn't while drawing it) you'll see that the sun also shrunk my arm and leg on one side of my body. 

This is serious stuff kids. Wear sunscreen. 

Abby Noel


Ezazi said...

Hahahha! xD Where I live, it reaches 40 degrees and above. You shouldn't complain. :p

ishashime said...

i got badly sunburned once, back when i was about eleven or so. i had no idea it would lead to peeling and i darn well freaked out when i started to. xD

Scarlet Brier Rose said...

I ACTUALLY laughed out loud. Well done!

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