Sunday, August 14, 2011

Possible Always Abby Noel Store-

So I (of course) love to draw all the stick person drawings I do here, so I was wondering if maybe I could turn that into a store of some sort. I found a website that allows you to custom design a lot of different things, one of them magnets. I liked the idea of making fun little magnets with my drawing on them, and here are a few I came up with-

They would sell for $3.50. Comment if you would be interested, the store is still just a possibility, but if you like any of the ones I show here, telling me that would make the store more likely :)  

Abby Noel


DMF said...

Love this idea and the comments that go with it!!!

degilio said...

love it my favorites are the mustaches and the catapilar

Fiona said...

Being a broke student, I probably couldn't buy them, but it sounds like a nice idea.

ishashime said...

i quite like the "caterpillars love pie, too" one. haha. :D

Ezazi said...

That continue reading and morning person one. LOVE!

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