Friday, July 22, 2011

Sorry to break it to you, but you look like an idiot.

Facebook pictures used to be of people when they went to cool places, or pictures with friends. (You know, kinda like scrap book pictures) Nowadays more and more people have pictures that have at least 3 of these characteristics- 

Yeah, cause that's so attractive

And don't forget every pervy guy's favorite kind of picture-

   "Oh darn, looks like I accidentally cut out my head and every thing else except for my chest. Oh well, I might as well post this anyway, because I don't want to waste a picture" 

I had to censor this out because even in badly drawn cartoon form, cleavage looks gross.

I swear girls purposely wear teeny tiny tank tops, and then take a picture of themselves at an angle where you can see right down their shirts (most of the time you cant even see their faces) and then they set it as their PROFILE PICTURE. Come on girls, have some decency. 

But then it gets to a whole new level of nasty when they tag a bunch of guys in it.  For those of you who don't have facebook, basically tagging them guarantees that the person tagged will see it. 

Please girls, the only guy that is ever going to be attracted by those pictures are not worth your time at all. 

Abby Noel

P.S. I love how I managed to rant, have a funny cartoon, and give a meaningful life lesson all in the same post.  Man, I'm talented. 


Ezazi said...

You said the words of my heart! =D Loved the first drawing!
So, SO true! =D

PS. Following your awesome blog! Visit mine, I hope you like it! =)

PurpleMist. said...

Hahahaha this is all so true!
Gosh, I hate these type of girls. They need to start respecting themselves.
Loved the drawings too :P

gingersoaplovin said...

This is depressingly true. : (


yeah it makes it very akward when one of the people who post pictures like that. and i admit, i tend to do alot of the "peace signs." lol

laurahartleyy said...

haha i absolutely love you drawings!! now following ::) said...

Wow, I've never seen girls do this before. Maybe friends aren't sluts?...


ishashime said...

i knooow. except where i am, the girls like to put so much powder and whatnot on their face to make them look whiter/more desirable.

sigh. how ironic is that?

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