Monday, July 18, 2011

Big Nose Dude

When my friend Olivia and I were sent to county debates (along with other people from our school that aren't relevant to this story at all so I'll just pretend they don't exist) she was put on a team with a guy that we both thought had a big nose. So instead of calling him by his real name, we referred to him as "Big Nose Dude" 

That was in about the middle of the school year, so we haven't seen a lot of those people for a while. But just the other day, I saw Big Nose Dude at a store.  I probably would have said hi, but I couldn't remember his name at all. The only thing I could think of was "big nose dude"

In his defense, his nose really isn't as big as I remember it being. 

Abby Noel

P.S. There are only 4 days left of the competition for the top 25 kid bloggers! Make sure to vote :) 


Savvy said...

Voted a few times for ya now. Hope you win it! Good luck to you!

PurpleMist. said...


Princess Olivielagail said...

Yes! Hooray for Big Nose Dude! I'll admit, I don't remember his name either, and I was on his team!

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