Sunday, July 3, 2011

5 Things I Hate About Hotels

I always kinda hated hotels. (except for a few really nice ones) A recent stay at a hotel has strengthened that hatred and inspired me to write this post. So without further ado, I give you the 5 things I hate about hotels.

#1-The Showers. They never give you enough shampoo and conditioner, and the water pressure is always terrible.

#2-The Towels. They always put them so high up, that if anyone was really short and could only manage to grab the one on the bottom, well, this would happen.

(In case you can't tell from my beautiful art, that is a person buried in a pile of towels) 

#3-The Pool. They advertise having a heated pool, but then the pool turns out to be freezing cold and the size of a bathtub.

#4-The Breakfasts. Occasionally the breakfasts are actually good, but most of the time they have almost nothing. You'd get more selection diving in the dumpster behind the hotel.

#5-The Neighbors. You never have any idea what your neighbors might be up to.

Abby Noel


PurpleMist. said...

LOL! This made me laugh :P
And I agree, these things annoy me too!

Scarlet Brier Rose said...

I actualy kind of like hotels, although have never stayed in one longer than a night or two.

katie....the non ginger one said...

lol i just got back from a hotel so true except they had breakfast they just mad e me make my own waffels

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