Thursday, July 14, 2011

The BEST moisturizer I've ever bought

This post is way overdue.

I am completely in love with this moisturizer. My friend Katie (thanks so much katie!) suggested this to me and I swear, I am never going to use anything else. I bought it for only $8 at CVS. It makes my skin super soft and works after just one use.  Oh yeah, and I'm not getting payed to say any of this :)

 My point is, if you have dry skin, or oily skin (like me) or heck, if you have skin on your face at all, this is perfect.

 (I just don't suggest trying to reenact the picture, because you'll most likely end up with wet, shattered glass all over your bathroom floor)

 You can click HERE to go to the Garnier web page for this product. (oh wow, that sounded official)

 Abby Noel

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Katie said...

Smack, "Wow, your face is really soft" (:

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