Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just press play.

I didn't even watch this before I posted it (I'm too lazy, which is-as you will soon find out- the reason for making this video in the first place) so if this is terrible, oh well. Then leave. 
(but please don't leave! I love you!) 

One more thing I forgot to say in the video- keep the dares coming, I need a few more before I can make a poll and have you guys vote for how you would like me to humiliate myself. 

Abby Noel


Scott said...

I once tried to make a vlog. Then I remembered that I don't have a life, and consequently have nothing to say.


Scott~ epic post made me laugh so hard i fell out of my chair. abby, wow, i would use all my time to thin of something funny to say, and then ppl would end up thinking i was creepy. so i posted my story on my website, and people said it was slightly disterbing and that i had mental problems. im sorry i like horror gory stories made by me.......im stalling. i have to do chores. bye.

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