Sunday, April 22, 2012

When You're In New York...

Hey Guys! It's Katie, and as Abby said in her last post I'm on here to tell you all about my trip to New York City! The week after Easter was our county's spring break and my family and I went up to visit the Hecks (If you read my last post, they are the red neck ones) in New Jersey and took a day trip to New York while we were up there. Before I start, I want to apologize for the cheesy title, but I was listening to the Glee version on my iPod when I sat down to write this and thought 'Huh, that's clever'. Or I thought so at the time.

I had to take a picture, once I pulled myself together from freaking out..

While we were up there, we saw Wicked (The most beautiful play ever...) and Jersey Boys. :D And this is the theater

The trip was a ton of fun, and the shows were amazing. But half of  the experience was our bus ride into the city. There was one lady who swore that I took her shoe and then started throwing Popsicle sticks at me. Because, you know, what kind of woman doesn't carry those around in her purse.. The shoe was on her foot, I promise you all I did not steal it.


P.S. I hope all of you had a good spring break :) 


Anonymous said...

lucky girl! jealous X infinite!

Fiona said...

Yay! It's Katie again!

How was Wicked? I am dying to go see it someday.

Katie said...

It was amazing, the song "Defying Gravity" made my heart stop

Kayle said...

I've always wanted to go to NYC! Haha, and the lady with the Popsicle sticks made me laugh :)

Just blog hopping :)

degilio said...

lucky Ginger i wanted to see that play so bad and go to new york and the lady on the bus sounds...intresting XD

Random Ramblings said...

Oh my GOD!!!! Wicked! I've never even seen it but trust me I want to! You're so lucky!


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