Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Enjoy your life. Every day, every minute."

The title of this came from a conversation I overheard today while my sister was trying on prom dresses. It's funny how much blogging gets into your head, because right when I heard it I thought- "Don't forget that! It's blogging material!" 
But before you go to the mall in hopes of hearing some wise words, keep in mind that I also heard someone say they like a candle because it smells like the bottom of their mom's purse. 

And now I'm off to take the advice of a random mall-goer and enjoy the rest of my day by getting ice cream and going to a youth group movie night. I hope you like the pictures, and have a good night!

Abby Noel 


Jay said...

I love your jacket so much. It's good advice, not that I normally go around taking advice from strangers but that I would. And ice cream and movies sounds like a great way to enjoy life. Also the candle thing made me laugh. Who smells the bottom of their mom's purse?!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures and your jacket.

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