Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This title is inadequate.

I don't even have the brain power right now to come up with a logical introduction.

Last week when I was walking in the hallway going to Home Ec. (the only class where our teacher actually encourages talking and eating) a random guy pointed at me as he walked by and said "Homecoming! You wanna go?" Yes. Just not with you. 

In addition to now having a date to homecoming (my imaginary boyfriend, of course. Not Mr. RandomUpperClassMenIDon'tKnow) I now also have a dress. Let me tell you that shopping for a dress for Homecoming has the potential to be one of the most traumatic moments of your life. Especially when you're sitting vulnerable and undressed in the fitting room while your mom goes and picks out dresses she thinks you'd be 'cute' in. 

There will be the dresses that make you look like an elderly woman- 

And the dresses that make elderly women cry-

I was lucky enough to have my mom pick one out I actually liked. (You'll have to wait for a picture until the day of homecoming when I have my hair and makeup and everything done up)

And to wrap up my week of horrors, yesterday I had the privilege to sit in a restaurant trying to keep six kids quiet while simultaneously trying to keep them all from killing each other with steak knifes. I'm not even kidding.

Abby Noel 


Anonymous ;p said...

Here in Aussie we don't get homecomings. Well at least not at my school or any other school i have heard of.

Miss Cortni said...

ha that's hilarious cause i once got asked out to morp just in that same way. some guy just pointed me out and says "all my friends have dates to morp and i dont, will you go with me". aaha and we're still friends xD

- missshesaid.blogspot.com <3

ishashime said...

yay pictures! i bet you'd look amazing though. :D

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