Saturday, October 29, 2011

I threw a heavy metal projectile at my school's principal.

I'm not even exaggerating.

My friend David (who was sitting across from me at lunch the other day) had a metal water bottle in his hands. I was messing with him and tried to hit it, but the first time it didn't even budge from his hands, and of course, he laughed. So there I was, with my ego bruised and with a strong need to redeem myself, I whacked the water bottle out of his hand and it rolled all the way down the table and stopped on the floor exactly where the assistant principal, school resource officer, and school principal were sitting.

And by "rolled down the table"- I mean banged down the table making as much noise as physically possible for a water bottle and managing to get the attention of about half of the cafeteria.

My heart literally stopped.

So I got up, went over to the table where they were sitting, and almost tearfully explained how sorry I was and how it was just and accident, and how I was about to wet myself. (Okay, not really, but you get the idea)

I was lucky though, the school resource officer decided not to shoot me and the principal decided not to send me back to elementary school.

Abby Noel

(I feel like a time traveler as I write this because when you read this, I'll actually be in the theatre competition, no where near a computer. Bless you, scheduled posting!)


Lacey Forever said...

LMAOO well this wsas a very interesting and funny story..hey add me though , my blog is

Ms Kate said...

Tee hee, poor you! That kind of thing is always heart-stopping!

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