Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Keep it coming!

I don't have the time at all to choose the three winners for the caption contest, so I decided to extend it to Thursday afternoon. Make sure to submit a caption for the picture if you haven't already. Even if you've already submitted one, feel free to post more if you think of some, just try not to submit more then five. (Of course, if you've already submitted five and then you think of one you LOVE, you can post that too)

After I post the winners on Thursday, I probably won't be able to post again until Monday because I'm about to throw myself into an incredibly busy weekend. I'm going to a theatre competition and I'm SO excited for it, but the only downside is I won't have internet access. Of course, if something super interesting happens and I can wrap it up in a 180 character text message, I'll be glad to keep you guys updated cellularly :)

Also if anyone really cares, I thought I should let you know that my school had to cancel the musical. Bye, bye, ensemble part. :(  There was something about copyright and the school board not liking some content of the musical so they basically just squashed it. Everyone was really disappointed, but I think this might actually turn out for the best. Who knows? We might end up doing a musical that's a thousand times more fun. (It's a bit strange that I have that outlook considering I'm one of the most negative people on the planet)

So make sure to think up some captions for that picture before Thursday and I will see you all (with full details from the competition) on Monday!

Abby Noel

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Katie said...

The best part of said conference is your roommate. True story.

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