Sunday, October 23, 2011

Caption Contest

I've been trying to come up with something fun to do with all you guys, and I finally came up with something! *cheer* 

I want everyone to try to think of with a caption for this picture- 

It can be something the stick people are saying, or it can be a title. For example, you could do one like this-

"Wow thats a flower pot." 
"Why yes, yes it is." 
(make sure to put what the person standing says first)


Guy in flower pot- "I'm in a pot."
(if you're going to do only one person's line, make sure to specify which person)


The day two stick people looked at each other. 
(Just make a title that kinda sums up the picture.)

Just try to be more creative then those examples, I purposely made them as dry and obvious as possible to leave the coming up with witty ideas to you.

You have until Tuesday afternoon to come up with something, but since everyone's on a different time zone, just to be safe you should comment it as soon as you can. When you come up with your caption, just click comment below and write it out. 

I'll pick three winners and those who have blogs will get their blog links posted when I announce the winners. For those of you who don't have blogs (or even an account) but still want to participate, click on "Name/URL" where you type in your comment and put your name so if you win, you can get some recognition. 

Have fun! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with.

Abby Noel 


bashscrazy said...

Girl: Get out of my house.

ME said...

Girl: Stop stalking meeeee!!

Anonymous ;p said...
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Anonymous ;p said...

Pot man: She will never find me here
Girl: I am looking right at you.


de pot man!
(hehehe, that is just a shop in toowoomba)


Girl: Hey that's my flower pot, go get your own.

(is there supposed to be a limit? ;p)

Ezazi said...

Keepin' The Talk Flowery. xD

Fiona said...

Flower Child

Anonymous said...

so this kinda random, but i just thought you should know that if you accidentally leave out the "s" in "blogspot" when you're typing your URL, it leads to a gospel music archive.

i thought you had to know this.

ishashime said...

Girl: Did you just-
Guy in flower pot: I pretty much just pooped in your flower pot, yeah.

haha. sorry, i know it's gross ad childish but i couldn't help myself. xD

TheGirlWithTheNotepad said...

Guy in flower pot- 'Seriously, I AM a flower!'

TheeConverseeChikk said...

Guy in flower pot--"I heard this helps with hair growth."
Girl-- "Yea, well with your head you're going to need a lot more soil."
Hahah its dumb xD I made it up randomly as I should be doing my math homework. But I'm not. So that's it.

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