Friday, December 3, 2010

Century after century...

To explain the title, a certain teacher of mine snapped in class today and ranted for 10 minutes about how we don't use our time wisely (hypocritical much?) So the title is just a bit of what she said. (Okay, so she didn't actually say that. She just said "day after day, week after week, decade after decade," but naturally Katie and I had to add something to it to make her sound really old while we told people about it. )

While searching the Internet for ideas on what presents I want for Christmas and my birthday, I found a very interesting idea. There are a bunch of companies that can take a blog and print it into a book. I think this would be really cool to have a few years from now when I might not be blogging anymore. Of course I wouldn't want it just yet because this blog hasn't really had a lot of posts yet, but wouldn't that be cool later on?  

The most recent cycle of America's Next Top Model just recently ended, and I had only seen a few of the first episodes. So out of curiosity, I looked it up to see who won(Ann Ward), and ended up finding the portfolios of all of the contestants. I don't think that the runner-up of any contest like this ever gets very much recognition, so here are some of her pictures-
(By the way, the runner-up's name is Chelsey Hersley)

^Ironically, this one has both the runner-up and the winner paired together weeks before they were finalists.

Also, I thought the winner's picture from the fallen angel photo shoot was really good, so here is that one-

Well that's all I really have time for.  Maybe later I can get Katie to post her scary story of what happened to her a while ago. (It's the weirdest thing ever)

Abby Noel

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