Friday, October 22, 2010

Tips for Better Skin (other stuff too)

I've noticed lately that my skin looks and feels better than it used to. I'd love to share with you why, but I don't know. See, the thing is, I started two things at once and I don't know which one is helping me or if it is a mix of the two, so I'll just tell you both.

1) First thing is- I've been eating healthier than I used to. (Yes, I know this sounds cliche', but it's still good.) To be more specific, I've been eating more vegetables and fruits and drinking more water. So I'm kinda eating more than I normally do. The reason is because fruits and vegetables have a ton of nutrients in them and water keeps you hydrated. If it doesn't help your skin, you will be healthier at least.

2) I started using this new facial brush called "Clarisonic". It's kinda expensive, but if it's the reason that my skin has improved, it's really worth it. You aren't required to buy any cleaners to go along with it, you just put on any soap that you want to use.

Now for the other stuff. Last night was the first half of project runway's season finale.  The people going to fashion week are Andy South, Gretchen Jones, and Mondo Guerra. I'm rooting for Mondo, so to wish him luck, here's some of his clothes from past challenges (in no particular order)-

Isn't he amazing? The finale is on this coming Thursday (10/28).
Since I've been writing for the past hour and I have a ton of homework to do over the weekend, I should wrap this up. Have a good Friday!

Abby Noel

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Anonymous said...

This fashion stuff is interesting. Most of the stuff i don't get but interesting. I don't watch it but its an a topic worth talking about.

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