Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm really not good at this title thing...

Why do hairstylists always think that they can somehow make those ceramic shampooing sinks comfortable just by putting paper-thin towel on it? I just got my hair cut, and whatever shampoo they used smells AMAZING. I hate how short it is though.

From me babbling about my hair, you have probably guessed that I don't have much to write about. I keep starting to type out one thing and then realize that it's boring. Stupid blogger's block.

Okay, I've found a scary story I can post here. I didn't come up with it, I'm just getting it out of a book.

The Brown Suit
A woman came to a funeral parlor to see her husband's corpse.
"You did a good job," she said to the undertaker. "He looks just the way he always did. Except for one thing. My husband always wore a brown suit and you put him a blue suit."
"That is no problem," said the undertaker. "We can easily change it."
When the woman returned later, her husband was dressed in a brown suit.
"Now he looks just like he always did," she said. "I know you went through a lot of trouble."
"It was no trouble," he told her. "As it happened, there is a man here who was wearing a brown suit, and his widow felt that blue would be better. He is about your husbands size. So we gave him the blue one and gave your husband the brown one."
"Even so," she said, "changing all of the clothing must have been a big job."
"Not really," said the undertaker. "All we did was exchange their heads."

Yeah, as if that wouldn't cause lawsuits. (haha, lawsuits.)

It doesn't seem like anyone is actually reading my blog, so can you guys please comment if you're reading. It would help a lot if you would just tell me what you think I should write about. You know, like what you would find interesting. You have no idea how much that would help.

Abby Noel

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Musicfanatic5443 said...

lol lawSUITS i get it :) were so random abby! you should post another story cuz where ever your getting them if funny

P.s. Tell ur mom i said hi and i miss you :( hope to see u some time in the near future
<3 Shana ;3

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