Thursday, February 10, 2011

Would you rather...

I felt like playing a game- So comment to answer. (you obviously don't have to answer them all, just make sure you put the number of the ones you are answering)

Would you rather...

  1. ...go to Disneyland free once a year for the rest of your life OR go free for just one year but as many times as you want to?
  2. ...always feel thirsty no matter how much you drink OR always feel hungry no matter how much you eat?
  3. ...always have flawless skin OR always have perfect hair?
  4. in a place you love but in a house you hate OR live in a place you hate but in a house you love?
  5. ...have a ton of friends, but not be really close to any of them OR have only a few friends but be super close to each of them?
  6. world famous for absolutely nothing OR be well known in a small community for being extremely talented?
  7. a very unlucky, homeless person that is well liked OR be incredibly rich but hated by almost everyone?
  8. ...find true love OR win 1 million dollars?
  9. a complete idiot and be attractive OR be intelligent but not good looking at all?
  10. ...forget everything and have no idea who anyone (including yourself) is OR have everyone forget who you are?
Click "loved it" and I'll make more posts like this in the future.

Abby Noel


sabrina said...

1. free for the whole year
2. always thristy
3.flawless skin you love, hourse you hate
5.few friends (i have too many not close ones now, lol) famous
7....hard question.
8. already found true love, soo, 1 million dollars
9.idiot, i can always learn (;
10. forget everything

sabrina said...

read my blog and comment?

That Guy said... once a year
2. thirsty
3. hair you love
5.few friends famous
7. rich (money can buy you anything and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise) (money can be made in due time)
9.intelligence. ( If necessary, i can always get plastic surgery)
10.everyone forget who I am

That Guy

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