Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things you might hear while sitting in my math class...

Well, they're actually things you would hear if you were in my math class.

"I can't see because I'm Asian."

"Charlie bit me! No, I'm serious!"

"I believe this class lowers self-esteem, so I choose not to answer that question."

"I can't see over his big fat head!"

"♫ Ham, Ham, Hammering all day long!♫"

"I have lost all joy. I can not go on."

"Pay no attention to the person hiding underneath your chair."

"Abby, I can't find Reese. I think he became the wall."

"If you throw that at me one more time, I will walk over there and personally shove it down your throat."

"I'm saving trees by recycling a plastic water bottle."

"Flabby-Abby. Oh I get it, it rhymes!"

"Ms. Haskin, I think we need to go to relationship counseling."

"But don't eat a real jellyfish, OR YOU'LL DIE"

"I feel smart now! Oh dang it. Nevermind."

"Don't you dare throw your eye patch at me!"

"So I was watching Tyra, and..."


P.S. This probably will not be the last post like this considering most of these came from just today. Tomorrow I'll write them down so I remember :]

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