Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is it bad to be proud of yourself?

Because in that case, I am an extremely bad person.
To anyone who doesn't already know (which, come to think of it is probably everyone reading this right now) I have a hard time singing in front of big groups of people because my heart starts to pound A LOT and I shake. This has been happening ever since sixth grade chorus when we would be able to sing whatever we wanted on Fridays.
However, today I was at a informational meeting for my school's new Creative Arts Club. (C.A.C. is whack...haha, that's the slogan) We had a bunch of extra time, so they let anyone who wanted to come up and sing or whatever to do so. And of course, in a never ending attempt to get over my shaking problem, I volunteered first. I sang the first part of Should've Said No by Taylor Swift and,-good news!- the shaking didn't affect my singing a whole lot. I was still shaking so much that it was visible from all the way in the back of the room, but it didn't make my voice sound like I was on a train like it normally does. Then after that my friend Rayne and I performed a little skit we already knew from the acting class we're both in. That was a big hit too because, well, I guess we're funny :]

I still have to audition to get into the club, so my friend Emma and I are going to find a short scene we can both be in at the same time. Speaking of which, I should probably go to another Internet location to find a script for us. Bye Bye

Abby Noel

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