Monday, February 14, 2011


As I was trying to type this, the automatic spell checker on this iPad tried to change "Grammy's" to "Granny's". Just imagine winning a small bronze elderly person in a rocking chair. What would that be for? Best knitter of the year?

When I first saw John Mayer walk down the red carpet I thought it was Johnny Depp because he had the whole creepy facial hair thing going on. But no. (and I was slightly disappointed because I love Johnny Depp)

Lady GaGa, you know I love you, but you didn't really live up to your own standards. Yeah, I know what you guys are thinking "she showed up in an egg! How much more GaGa can it get?". That was great and everything, but I love it when she wears some crazy dress. Like last year, that was amazing.

So to get off the subject that I'm sure everyone is also talking about, I'll tell you about what I was watching a bit earlier in the day. I saw a "E! True Hollywood Story" of Katy Perry (Who had an amazing performance at the Grammy's) and it was just a huge inspiration because they were talking bout how she got rejected by so many record labels but she just didn't let anything stop her. When I finally get done with school and move to L.A. (to start the acting career that I can't wait to work my butt off to get) I'll probably have to keep reminding myself of that. I know that there is going to be rejection, but that's just part of the entertainment industry.

And now because I can't help getting back to the subject of the Grammy's, here are some of my favorite red carpet clothes from last night.

That's about it. The red carpet was a bit disappointing this time around. :[

Abby Noel


Meg. said...

"Just imagine winning a small bronze elderly person in a rocking chair." Ahhaha, you're funny :')

Abbynoel24 said...

thanks :] I try.

Darad xx said...

I love the one wearing the suite (can't remember her name :/). Her music's amazing :D.

dara xo

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