Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Student's Thought Process While In Math Class

No, Mr. Worksheet. That is not a parallelogram. I have no idea why, but I know that it is not. Oh no! Please, no more algebra! I thought I was done with that last year. No one knows where your X is and no one cares. Maybe if you had treated her better, she wouldn't have left you. Why are we learning this? When in life am I going to be walking down the street and say "Gee, I wonder if that window is a parallelogram?"  Exactly. Never. And even if I knew whether or not it was a parallelogram, how on earth would that information help me at all? Uh oh. My pencil is slightly dull. I should go sharpen it and then accidently break it on my way back to my seat just so I can sharpen it again because the pencil sharpener is loud and it makes people mad. :)  I've been daydreaming for 40 minutes now. I should probably work on one of the problems. Nah. The would involve thinking and thinking involves effort and I'm not too fond of effort. So It's not really worht it. Heck ya, partner work! That means I don't have to do anything. Charlie is singing again. But that's not surprise. For some reason he's always singing. I'm going to look at the clock now. That's cool- only 20 more mintutes. I wish it was less though. Oh my gosh- 19 more minutes! My wish came true! I should wish for things more often. I wish for a pony. Dang it! It didn't work that time! NISH! Charlie said that. I like that word. It reminds me of icecream. I wish I was in an icecream parlor right not. Dang it! It didn't work that time either. I'm still stuck in this horrible torture chamber.

Abby Noel


Scarlet said...

Haha. Don't ever change.

jajillio said...

amazing exactly my thoughts

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