Monday, November 8, 2010

Thank You Manawara

Thanks to my friend Manawara (sorry if I didn't spell your name right) I got the idea to be kind of a fashion blog and take pictures of what I wear (of course, only if it looks good)
So here you go-

^ Shirt from Kohls, Jeans from Abercrobie and Fitch, Coverse

While watching Hannah Montana (drastic change of subject) I realized that someone would have to be really stupid not to see that Miley and Hannah are the same people. The voice, the face, the height; everything is identical execpt for their hair. I'm sure even a few stupid people could figure it out.

Sorry for all of the abrupt subject changes, but for future reference, when I start a new paragraph you can assume I'm changing the subject.

For a very long time I have had a song on my iPod that is completely in Spanish. (thank you, free section on iTunes) I refuse to google what the lyrics are in english because I want to figure it out eventually. I was so freaking proud of myself because today in Spanish class we learned how to say the years (ex. 2010) and I realized that I knew what she was saying because, ironically, the title of the song is a year. And now I think I should share the video.

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