Saturday, November 17, 2012

This is becoming a pattern...

I seem to have developed the startling ability to completely forget that I have a blog...oops. 

Well I decided to check back in with you all. 

I've been here for only a few months, but I feel like I've been here forever. The weird thing is, at the same time I feel like I still live in my old town, like I still go to my old school and like I can just go see my old friends any time I please. It's a weird feeling. 

The winter is always my favorite time of year, probably due to the fact that it contains both my birthday and my savior's birthday. This winter is going to be especially fun for me for a few reasons: 1) Broadway Night at my school, which I'm performing in, 2) Winter Formal, if the student council decides to start planning it, and 3) Workshops and eventually auditions for the school musical. 

I realized I haven't had many clothes pictures recently, so here's one of the dress I bought from Modcloth for the Marine Corps Ball. (Even though this picture shows less of the dress and more of how well-behaved my hair decided to be that night.) 

Abby Noel 

P.S. I just read through this and it sounds pretty scatterbrained, but I'm afraid if I let myself edit it I'll end up not posting it at all. Maybe if I get back into blogging I'll get better at this again :) 


Furree Katt said...

Eeee! I love the dress, and your super amazing hair. You are so gorgeous!
You need to post something on your birthday so we can all wish you on that day. :D
AND OMG, winter formal. That sounds awesome. As usual, I'm excited about you posting pictures of everything, haha. And your performance, too! :)

Abbynoel24 said...

Aww thanks :) And I'll try, if all goes well I'll be posting much more frequently. And I'll definitly post pictures from the performance because I'll be dressing up as Wednesday from the Addams Family :D

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