Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide for your friends....and yourself :)

This is the third Christmas my blog has seen, so I'm not sure why I haven't done this sooner, but I decided this year to make a holiday gift guide! Well not exactly a guide, more so an inspiration. Basically, this is a list of some things that I would love to get as a gift and what some of my friends have said they would like to have. So if you or any of your friends are anything like me and my friends, you're in luck. If not, give this stuff a try, you might surprise yourself.

This is catered to girls (for obvious reasons) but I promise to throw in some things that could go either way. Hope this helps!

Gifts for a Music Fanatic

1. Kitty Headphones! I love listening to music, and I love this is pretty much the best thing ever. They make enjoying music fuzzy and cute! $40


2. Personalized CD's! You should know your friends' taste in music better than anyone, so an easy and original gift like this would be perfect. It's all free, just as long as you have music on your computer and some blank CDs (which can be bought almost anywhere).
To add some extra fun to your gift, decorate a CD cover for it!

3. A Musical Mug! With this your friends can drink coffee and rock out to the imaginary tunes coming from a ceramic stereo. The best of both worlds! $14.99

Gifts for an Animal Lover

1. An Adoption for a Good Cause! The World Wildlife Fund does so many good things for animals, especially those who are endangered. One great opportunity they provide for people to help an animal they care about is a symbolic donation. You can choose pretty much any animal from a Panda to a Tenrec (never heard of them? They're adorable! ) Depending on how much money you want to spend, you can give different animal related goodies, but every donation comes with a adoption certificate. All you have to do is find out which animal your friend likes the best! (Which might be hard to choose!)

2. Quirky Animal Magnets! Have your friends ever told you how much they would love to have a Rhinoceros butt on their fridge? Well you're in luck! I found the cutest shop on Esty that sells magnets of every creature you could think of. They even let you request a custom set! $13.50- $270
(Don't let the $270 scare you, most of the really pricey things are wedding sets, not exactly Christmas presents)

Gifts for the Vintage Obsessed

1. Beautifully Bound Books! Okay, fine, they aren't exactly vintage, but they have the same effect. Barnes & Noble sells tons of books that have all the quality of what you would find in an antique store, but without the dust and old-people smell.
My favorites are The Chronicles of Narnia and The Arabian Nights, but they're all gorgeous. The link I included leads to Alice in Wonderland, but you can find the other books if you scroll down and look under "Customers who bought this also bought." $18


2. Clothes they can't find anywhere else! Modcloth is one of my favorite websites because all of their clothes come from independent designers, all with unique ideas. Most of what they sell has a great vintage, indie, and retro look, so it'd be great for your most wardrobe-unique friend.
If you can't pick something out, they also offer gift certificates, so the lucky recipiant can choose for themselves.

...And some other things that don't quite fit into a category...

1. A Personal Poster! Everyone loves getting hand written notes, so why not take it to a new level? Just grab a peice of printer paper, any marker you choose, and write a note to your friend. You can write all your inside jokes, or the story of when you first met, or even the lyrics to you and your friend's favorite song! Those of you who are artistically talented could even paint a portrait! That would be a great gift by itself, but you could also get a frame for it so they can hang it right up on their wall.
If you're feeling especially ambitious, get a poster board and design the whole thing. Get creative with this, there are soo many possibilities!

2. A Goodie Bag! Almost every big store has a one dollar section with all kinds of small, useful things. Take advantage of that! Just get any old gift bag and fill it with candy bars, notepads, lip glosses, and anything you think your friend would like. You can't go wrong with this since you're hand picking each and every thing that goes in the bag.

I hope this gives you some ideas! Happy Holidays!
Abby Noel


Adam said...

I love the vintage books, though Barnes charges way too much.

stage daughter said...

I just added the kitty head phones to my christmas list haha they're so cute Abby ^_^

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