Friday, November 23, 2012

Decorating for Winter!

Like the new background? I decided the solid black that I had was too dark and dreary, so I drew this and with just a bit of photoshop magic, made this new background!

I love the personal look my blog has now with both the little city drawing I did and the background. There's going to be more, too, when I eventually make my signiture at the end of the posts actually in my own handwriting. I've got it all written out and ready to be scanned, but I'm saving that for my next post :)

Abby Noel 


Melissa said...

I do enjoy the background quite a bit! I like blue on white a lot.

<3 Melissa

Abbynoel24 said...

Thanks! I was going to make it black, but I tried out the blue and fell in love!

I have files of it in all different colors so I can switch it up every now and then.

Adam said...

I like it

Abbynoel24 said...


Satin and Souffles said...

It looks lovely xx

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