Saturday, March 3, 2012

I've missed you!

It feels good to be posting again, I have been SOOOOO busy lately I haven't gotten the opportunity to keep up with this. Tonight is the last night of West Side Story, so I'm going to have to be at the school soon but I wanted to just check in with you guys so you know that I'm still alive. 

The musical had some hiccups opening night, but we completely redeemed ourselves last night. Everyone in the whole cast were giving each other high-fives back stage and our director was almost in tears during intermission when she came to talk to us. Most of my friends are coming to see it tonight, and I can't wait to give them a good show.

I remember when I first posted that I made ensemble someone anonymous commented that that meant the director didn't really want me. I want to tell you that I realized the ensemble is just as important as any other part. Without us, dance numbers wouldn't be so incredible. The songs wouldn't give the audience chills. And without the free time we had during rehearsal, the set wouldn't be so elaborate and well-made. So to anyone who has that attitude, you're wrong. And to anyone who seems to be "stuck" in an ensemble role, remember you are an important part of the show too. 

I'll have a post with pictures from the show as soon as I can. Also, the Fantasy Friday thing I started will resume this Friday.
Abby Noel 

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Tela said...

that's so awesome it went well!

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