Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bittersweet Beach

My friend Salinna and I have decided something- all I need is a boyfriend and my life will basically become Tumblr. (Which is a mainly photo-based blogging platform, if you haven't heard of it.) You know the ones I'm talking about- with constant pictures of clothes, beaches, and other cliche things that you would see in a movie. After we decided that, I had to just be super cliche and take a pic of my Toms on the sand.

One visit to Tumblr and you're pretty much guaranteed to find a picture with either Toms, the beach, or both. 
Me and my family are moving soon to a town really close to the beach. We went a few weekends ago to look for houses, and that's where all the pictures were taken. It's so beautiful there! After we were done house hunting, we stopped by the beach. Unfortunately, the water was too cold to swim, but we did dip our feet in the water. 

Occasionally I was surprised by a taller wave which resulted in my skirt being soaked by the time we left. 

While we were soaking up the last bits of sunlight for the day, we  saw a whole group of dolphins swimming by! I probably sounded like an idiotic tourist to everyone else on the beach when I screamed "DOLPHINS!" at my family continuously- even after they all had already noticed. Leave me alone, okay. I'm a girl. When we see dolphins, we freak out. 

I would post the pictures, but they were too far out for you to be able to see. 

The little historic district in the town next to us has a bunch of cute little shops that I'll probably end up blowing all my money in the moment we move there. One of my favorites was a clothing boutique that had the most gorgeous clothes I think I've ever seen. They had a mix of vintage-preppy-beaching clothes and I seriously could have stayed in that store for three days. 

There was also a big antique store (which if you know me, you know that I could also spend three days, if not three weeks, in any given antique store) Somehow, the moment we walked in, I just knew there was a cat in there. That's right everyone, I've developed a 6th sense- feline detection. It turns out I was right- we turned a corner and there was this beautiful cat that ended up rubbing up on us and not letting us leave the store for a while. 

Well I think this wins as the longest post for quite some time. I don't have time to proof read, so forgive me for any sentences that make no sense (there's almost guaranteed to be at least one) 

Comment please! Comments, questions, stories from the last time you've been to the beach, anything! I talk at you all enough, you should talk back :) 

Abby Noel


Michael Murray said...

nice photos

Adam said...

I wish I lived 10 mins away from the beach. I wouldn't want a house on the shore itself when hurricanes hit.

Abbynoel24 said...

@Micheal- Thanks! But my mom took most of them, you should be thanking her :)

@Adam- Good point...but we aren't exactly on the shore so we should be okay.

Salinna Lerman said...

i'm commenting during school
i'm baadd
i'll miss you when you go
okay bye
see you next block c:
c: c: c:

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