Thursday, December 8, 2011


The first dance rehearsal for West Side Story was today and it was


The dance was a bit hard to pick up because it has a lot of hip movement, and I kinda have the anatomy of an awkward toothpick. But I think I finally got it after a while. 

Unfortunately I haven't found out whether I'm going to be a shark or a jet (for those who don't know the musical, those are the two different gangs) but I'm hoping for the sharks. They get to sing America and I love that song with all of my heart! (If you don't know this musical, listen to that song, it's amazing. And no, it's not the patriotic one also called "America", just look it up.)

I don't think my legs have realized yet that they just danced for three hours straight because they aren't sore at all. However, I'll likely wake up in the morning tomorrow and want to chop them off. 

Abby Noel

P.S. If you comment on a post, can you at least put in your first name? I like to respond to comments and it feels weird responding to anonymous people. You could be a robot, for all I know. 

P. P. S. OOH- this is good but completely off topic! I have the highest grade in my honors science class! 97% 


keepingitclassy said...

haaha smarty pants ;)

-Chynna:) said...

Ha Ha! Wish I were possibly that funny... v.v

BTW- My name is Chynna. Pronounced "China." Nice to meet you. -shakes hands-

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