Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Beautifully horrible circumstances...

Let me just get this out- my first kiss will be fake. 

That's right, the one moment I've dreamt of ever since my first crush in kindergarten, will be fake.

You all remember the play I told you about in which I got the second biggest female lead? Well I will now be playing the biggest lead. As in- Antigone herself. The character the play is named after. 

The girl that was originally cast as Antigone can't play the part anymore because of a problem that you all don't really need to know. 

But nonetheless, I now have that part.

I should be happy, right? Ecstatic, even. But in the play, Antigone must kiss her fiance. I have to be completely professional about this, but I can't help having some reservations about it.

Some of you might not understand this, but I hope maybe some of you girls will. People say stage kisses "don't count."  But to me, my first kiss will be my first kiss. I don't care where it is, who it's with, and whether or not it had to be done. Regardless of how professional I'm going to be about it, this is still going to mean a lot to me. 

And it'll mean nothing to him. He's too professional about it to care. 

Sorry guys for going all cliche-little-girl on here, but I just needed to get this all out.

Abby Noel 


Sydney said...

Oh, Abby. I would feel the exact same way. That would be crazy to me.

Ashley! said...

Do the stage kiss, where you put your thumbs between your mouths so it looks like you're loving gripping their face!:)

Amera said...

awh :( any chance you'll be able to have a real first kiss before you have to do the stage kiss?

x::november::x said...

yikes!! I like the fake kiss idea- can't you talk to the director about it?

Anonymous said...

I'm very proud of you. I'll always be your first kiss.

Em said...

wait, whats the name of the guy who plays the fiance again?

thinkellen said...

It sounds like this matters to you, so honestly, if you'd rather not have it be your first kiss, just talk to your director. :)

There's a few different ways you can fake a kiss on-stage and make it look realistic.

Also, congrats on the part gurl!!!

Salinna said...

And I love how I know exactly what's going on :P I offered all my advice today, yeah. I just wanted to comment. STAY STRONGG.

ishashime said...

agh. i would go crazy if i had to do that, even if it was just for the stage.

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